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"Mags was his mentor and basically raised him. If he’s trying to protect her in any way, it exposes him.”

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"The bird, the pin, the song, the berries, the watch, the cracker, the dress that burst into flames. I am the mockingjay. The one that survived despite the Capitol’s plans. The symbol of the rebellion."

Stiles Stilinski’s every Oh, my god ever.
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who is that guy next to darren criss?!?






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Malia breaking the emotional tether” is total fucking bullshit. Stiles and Lydia actually have history together Lydia is his anchor. All Malia did was hook up with him on a dirty-ass couch in a insane asylum she can screw stiles as much as she’d like but there’s no way in hell i’m going to accept her wild-ass screwing up what we have waited so long for.

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↳ stydia or scallison

“We’ll never forget the first time we saw Darren’s character Blaine sing the opening lines of the song. We were at our apartment with all of our family and friends, and in that one moment, millions of people were hearing those words … he’s one of the sweetest and most humble humans we’ve met.” — A Great Big World on Glee’s cover of “This Is The New Year”. (

It’s a boy.